Trump Showed His Anger On Fed Again And Criticized Them For Downfall In Stock Market

Trump Showed His Anger On Fed Again And Criticized Them For Downfall In Stock Market


President Donald Trump again showed his anger on Federal Reserve for raising the interest rates due to which the US stock is currently seeing a downfall. From last few days many blue-chip stocks have gone down, and according to the President, it’s because of the Fed’s decision to raise the interest rates. While addressing a press conference, Trump said that “US companies are one of the greatest in the world” and investors now have an excellent opportunity to invest in the US stock market. Trump also mentioned that the fed is raising the interest rate at a faster pace because they think the economy of the country is so good, but soon they’re going to realise their mistake. President Trump seemed to be very confident about US company’s future also he thinks this downfall in stock is just temporary and soon it will be over.

According to many resources, it’s been predicted by the experts that the president Trump is not happy with Federal Reserve’s president Jerome Powell. A few days ago Trump said that he is going to fire Jerome Powell the chairman of Fed for raising interest rates intentionally. However a day before Christmas all of the three major, major US stock indexes went down by more than 2 per cent which shows that there’s a situation of panic among US investors and trump blames Fed for it. There’s a tense situation among business and investors since many major stocks are not performing well due to this situation also some investors are believing it could lead the US into recession.

However, President Trump seemed to be confident about 2019 as he said that this temporary recession is not going to last and he’s going to take proper actions to stop this situation. The Trump administration has contacted the Treasury Department regarding this issue, and the experts believe something good will come out of this meeting.

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