Flu Cases

Flu Cases Are Increasing In Chicago Area Schools


Currently, there’s only one thing which every citizen from the USA does not want, and that’s getting diagnosed with flu. However, according to recent reports, there has been a significant increase in the number of flu cases at schools across the Chicago area. According to some health officials, they have recently recorded first pediatric flu death in Cook County and so far three children have died because of this year’s flu season. Some doctors who are operating in a local area said that they’re observing many people getting flu-related symptoms from last few days. The rate of patients has been significantly increased from last ten days which shows that flu season hasn’t over yet. Reports indicate that at South Middle School in Arlington Heights 192 out of 884 students took sick leave on Wednesday stating flu-related symptom. Now many schools in Chicago area are getting worried about the ongoing flu situation.

Local school departments have already told parents to take care of their children who are showing some symptoms relating to flu or related diseases. So far 30 cases of influenza have been confirmed by local school authorities, and this number might increase in future if people don’t follow necessary precautions. Doctors are advising people to take rest if they’re getting coughing, vomiting or has flu over 100 degrees because these are clear symptoms of having significant flu.

In a recent statement, Chicago health official said that they had recorded one pediatric flu death and so far this year’s flu season hasn’t been that much brutal as compared to previous year. Health official is requesting everyone who is Six months old to get vaccinated before it gets too much late. Many people who are getting diagnosed with flu-related situations are those who are not following prescribed precautions to prevent influenza. Sometimes people get too much ignorant of a situation which might harm negatively on their health.

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