Privacy Policy

Best Industry News gives first priority to the privacy of its users, before anything else. You can find the major tenets of the privacy policy in the following document. Best Industry News reserves the complete right to make alterations to the policy without directly contacting the user. Users are at this moment requested to visit this page and keep all the changes on track to avoid further confusions. However, major changes in the document will be notified via the website or email communication, in the case of those who have registered via email.

IP Data Logging
Whenever a user visits, the server may collect some necessary information for keeping track of the visits and related statistics. The server will log the IP address from which the site was accessed, the time of entering as well as exiting the website and the places where the user has clicked. These are used for primary statistical purposes and may be shared with authorized partners. However, Best Industry News doesn’t sell or share sensitive information with third-parties without the direct consent from our readers.

Data Collection may collect two major types of information from the user when interacting with the site. Personally-identifiable information includes the type of data that can be attached to an individual, based on digital records. Email addresses, names, physical addresses, and social media profiles are counted in this type. Best Industry News may collect this type of information only with the direct consent from the user. The site does not track the user for any of this data.
Non-personally identifiable information, however, refers to data that cannot be attached to an individual via digital records. This type of data includes IP addresses, time of entry and exit, system configuration data, etc. Best Industry News provides the best security for this type of information, despite the non-sensitive nature. It has to be noted that the data may be shared with our authorized partners for analysis purposes, although we do not sell this kind of data.

Use of Cookies
Best Industry News may use web cookies for improving the usability and features of the website. However, we are against the use of cookies for user-tracking purposes. It means that users of Best Industry News don’t have to worry about privacy while browsing. That is having said; users are free to disable the use of web cookies, which may also lead to the lack of some features.
As said earlier, Best Industry News reserves complete rights to make changes to the privacy policy. By using the website, readers also acknowledge their acceptance of the privacy policy.